a stool that interprets the
star of david in 2d & 3d

The stool takes advantage of the natural qualities of the different materials: the iron for stability, the cane for flexibility and the rope for comfort and to combine all parts.

The braid, that reminds of the star of David, is very stable. It also unites the characteristics of the legs and the seat squab.

The form of the seat squab determines how the user has to sit. There are fixed places for the legs. The line of cane in the back is a little bit higher and gives the flexibility. Combined with the adapting rope, sitting on the stool becomes very comfortable.

David, 2015, Iron, Cane & Rope


breadbox & slats

brotzeit means to take time:
for bread and for the beloved ones

brotzeit focuses the common ritual of eating bread. Using wood in extraordinary forms and handling I polished the old tradition up so that it does not look old fashioned but attractive and inviting. brotzeit means to take time- for bread and for the beloved ones. The two-part series consists of a bread box and four slats.

brotzeit, 2014, Oiled Oak


follows your best moments

Common drinking is an international ritual. fello wants save and celebrate this ritual with special souvenirs.

fello is a good fellow of every modern nomad. The traveling gadget keeps and reminds of moments of common drinking. Sounds, music, conversations and situations can be recorded on a chip and pressed into the crown cap used in this moment. So the crown cap becomes a special souvenir and works as a witness of a life journey.

fello, 2014, Oak, Aluminium & Nylon

Polygon Deer

innocent but martial

The Polygon Deer is the ethical correct alternative to deer heads.

During an experiment of transforming round forms into polygons the Polygon Deer developed. The edged forms give the mask an aggressive and martial look. This appearance contrasts the fact that the Polygon Deer is the ethical alternative to the once very popular deer heads. Hung on the wall the mask becomes decoration, without letting an animal suffer

The Polygon Deer, 2012, Paperboard & Copper Wire


the gentleman
among home offices

Topic of this concept is working at home: a phenomenon that due to our more and more flexible society gains importance. The most significant disadvantage of home offices is, that work and free time cannot be cleary seperated anymore. Mr.Moneypenny helps the user in a gentle way to manage this work life balance. By the use of illumination Mr.Moneypenny supports concentrated working as well as relaxation in the evening.

Closed: Floor Lamp

The outer form is inspired by stage lighting. Nothing reminds the user of a workplace. The indirect, warm light creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Opened: Work Place

The inside of the desk is designed in different colours to make the seperation of the different functions visible. According to the direction and temperature of the illumination the atmosphere changes completely. The now cold and direct light helps to concentrate.

Mr. Moneypenny is especially useful for small flats. Thanks to the space-saving design and multifunctional use this piece of furniture fits into every home.

Mr. Moneypenny, 2014, Oak & Aluminium

Vivien Weidner


Vivien Weidner is an Industrial Design Student from Essen, Germany.
Her Design is inspired by interpersonal relations and everyday life. User-Product-Interaction as well as sustainability are always main aspects of her concepts. Material authencity and clear forms characterize her idea of design.

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